Catharine Somerville

Artist member since 2020
Jordon , Ontario

Catharine Somerville was born in Toronto and lives in both Canada and the UK. She completed her degree in Fine Art at Georgian College, Barrie, ON and completed her post graduate diploma in 2009 at West Dean College and Sussex University, UK.

  Catharine has been awarded numerous awards including the Gryphon Theatre Prize in Barrie Ontario for her work, "Iceberg". After living and painting for 6 weeks in Edward James's garden, Las Pozas, Mexico, she won the coveted Chairman’s Prize at West Dean College, West Sussex for her series and book, "Las Pozas".   Somerville is a recognized artist and her work can be found internationally in public, private and corporate collections .She is represented by Colborne Street Gallery, Jordan Village Gallery, Gallery 1313, Partial Gallery , Artscapes Gallery and is a member of WAAC (Women's Art Association Canada), ASK , Artscapes and Artel.

ARTIST STATEMENT “My work represents the earthly tremor of events around me and is a reflection, not necessarily political as in the Bolshevik model, but as an inescapable truth that might take on political implications”. It is my intention to strive to create the magic of the landscape as a metaphor for human thought.

Catharine radically pivots her art language to meet the demands of new images and concerns. With practiced dexterity her work leaps through a range of different options available.

Likewise to J. W.M .Turner, Emily Carr and Ivon Hitchens, landscape has served as a source of inspiration and exploration proving to be a deep well of creative stimulus.

While Catharine has a firm studio practice, she equally paints en plein air gathering information by traveling to remote areas such as Northwestern Ontario, the Arctic, Mexico and the UK.

As philosopher/artist, Dr. Ed Winters writes “Only through art can we see ourselves as belonging in a world in which these imaginary empathies tell ‘truths’ about our condition. Being called to paint is a form of witness. The observation of an artist like Catharine, calls upon a developed sensitivity. Being imaginary, it develops a view onto the world. This, I am sure, is what is historically meant by an ‘artist’s vision’”.

Catharine Somerville http://Instagram.com/catharinesomervillewilson_art





Everyone should know about

how to break rules and live freely

Describe your home in 3 words

remote, extravagant space , peaceful

Only thing you need when you leave the house

my phone

Favourite book

Le Petit Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In a previous life I was (a) ...


Why is art important to you?

It is the balance of my life. It is where I go

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Select Past Exhibitions

Gallery 1313
Winter Emerging Art Exhibition


Fenelon Falls On


Schomberg On
Schomberg Street Gallery


Petworth West Sussex
Montcrieff-Bray Summer Exhibition


Fenelon Falls
Holiday Art Market




Edward James Foundation
Chairman’s Prize


Xilitla Mexico
6 weeks at Las Pozas


3 mos Artscape - Gibraltar Point Toronto Island


Honey Harbour
3 mos at Brydson Cottage


West Dean College/ Sussex University
Graduate Diploma

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